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Mist Services For Homes

The Diamondback Mist system is specifically designed to compliment your outdoor space. Whether it’s creating a mist barrier at your patio or fog by your pool, your family will love the unique cooling effect this innovative system provides.

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Our Projects

At Diamondback Mist we only use the highest quality, commercial grade 300PSI and 1000PSI Aero mist pumps. Paired with 3/8 mist line and hex series anti drip nozzles, our systems are designed to create a barrier which keeps you cool not wet. Proudly Serving The Phoenix Metro Area

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Mist Services For Business

The Diamondback Mist system works great for business spaces. Outdoor seating areas can become extremely uncomfortable in the hot Arizona climate. By installing a Diamondback Mist system in your place of business, you can keep your patrons cool and comfortable.

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How Does the System Work?

By installing a high pressure mist system, you can enjoy ultra-fine quality of mist without any residual moisture. The droplets released through high pressure system misting nozzles are very tiny and fog-like. They are instantly evaporated by the sun’s heat, thus creating a large bubble of cool air in a few seconds. A high pressure system is an excellent choice for those home owners who want a system that does not leave the surroundings wet, helps keep surroundings super cool even on the hottest of days and functions perfectly in moderate and high humidity conditions.

The Diamondback Mist System Is Designed To Enhance Your Outdoor Environment.

From Restaurants And Hotels To Resorts And Golf Courses To Your Own Backyard,
This Innovative System Works Great In So Many Applications.

Staying cool and comfortable is not always easy, especially when the hot days of summer arrive and the temperatures soar into the triple digits. Living or working in a hot and dry climate, soaring temperatures can really get you down.

If you want to hang out in the backyard and enjoy your home and family, those high temps can send you fleeing indoors. If you are trying to run a business, those high temps could chase away your customers and hurt the productivity and morale of your workers. Those extreme temperatures could even cause health problems.

There are many challenges caused by soaring temperatures, but now there is a solution. The Diamondback Mist system is designed to keep your backyard or business cool and comfortable no matter how high the mercury rises.

The Diamondback Mist system is designed to enhance outdoor environments. From restaurants and hotels to resorts and golf courses to your own backyard, these innovative systems are at home just about anywhere.

The Diamondback Mist system is the perfect choice for both homeowners and business owners. No matter where they are used, these cooling systems can instantly enhance the comfort of the entire surrounding area. The high-pressure misting system can drop the outdoor temperature by as much as 30 degrees, so your customers, employees and family members stay cool even when the temperature climb into the triple digits.

Not all misting systems are created equal, and it is important to choose your system with care. At Diamondback Mist, we can design a system just for you. Whether you need to cool off your small backyard or your vast outdoor patio area, we can help you create the cool feeling you are looking for.

At Diamondback Mist, we will work with you to create the perfect system, and we are not satisfied until you are.

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